Coleman Duel Fuel Stove

Coleman Duel Fuel Stove

Possibly one of the nicest experiences which enhances your outdoor or camping experience is the food, and the cooking. There is something about the flavour and smells of bacon or mushrooms cooked outdoors which seems so much more pleasurable that the same cooked at home.

When considering what type of stove to take with you, you can’t go far wrong choosing one of the range of Coleman Duel Fuel Stoves. Whether you are staying in a tent, under the stars or perhaps in a cabin, there is a Coleman stove for any occasion.

Another reason to consider one of these stoves is their ability to cook using either the Coleman clean burning fuel, or unleaded gas. These stoves are not just limited to camping however, as these stoves are a boon for use in blackouts at home, providing the means to heat water and keep yourself fed.

If you are thinking of buying a Coleman Stove then which one would you need? The following should give you some insight of the types and capacity available.

Coleman Duel Fuel Stove 424-700G Compact 2 Burner

Coleman Duel Fuel Stove This stove has two burners, one at 7,500 BTU and the other 6,500 BTU. It is claimed that this stove is able to boil a quart of water in 4 minutes.

The stove allows for easy storage and, having a handle, is transported like a small brief case. When closed the stove measures 17.75*11.5*4.875 inches.

Coleman Duel Fuel Stove

The 424-700G is easy lo light and is supplied with a filter/funnel to aid filling. A wind guard is fitted which is great for cooking in more exposed areas.
This particlular stove is good for small pots and frying pans, and one tank of gas or Coleman fuel will give a burn time of two hours.

Coleman Duel Fuel Stove 533A700G 1-Burner

This is a single burner stove with a whopping capacity of 10,500 BTU, which is able to boil a quart of water in four minutes.

A full 2.1 pint tank can produce a burn for approximately 2 hours in its highest heat. A filter/funnel is provided for easy filling.

Due to the Coleman WindBlock system this stove can be used succefully in exposed areas, while maintaining a maximum cooking temperature.

For backpacking, cycling trips etc or whether to pack it for your fishing day out, the 533 is extremely compact – only 6.44*7.25*7 inches – and lightweight. Despite its size this unit packs out some great heat, producing a hot blue/green flame.

Coleman Duel Fuel Stove 414-700 2-Burner Powerhouse

This model is called the Powerhouse, and you can see why with the specs of this impressive stove. The 414 delivers an outstanding 17,000 BTU, where both burners can run on high for about 2 hours from the 3.5 pint fuel tank. (8.5 hours on the low setting).

The burners can cater for two 12 inch pots side by side, and a quart of water can reach boiling point in around 3.5 minutes. As above, this stove incorporates the Colemen WindBlock system whose shields can be adjusted to the size of the pot being used.

The stove also has a heavy duty nickel chrome grate which is remaovable for easy cleaning. The unit is constructed of durable textured steel, and measures 17*24*8 inches when closed.

If you have room – this is the size of a large brief case when closed – and weight is not a problem, the the Powerhouse is probably the better bet than the 424-700G, due to its larger pan capability and higher BTU cooking power. Plus, its sturdy construction will give you many years of use if maintained properly.

Coleman Duel Fuel Stove

Three different stove have been looked at here, which cover a range of different capabilities depending on the number of people you are cooking for, or the size and weight requirements for the backpacker or one day out trip.

These Coleman stoves are very reliable and will privide many years of use, as well as giving you the option of either Colemen’s own fuel, or just the regular unleaded gasoline.


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