Fuel Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Direction

Fuel Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Direction

Opening in the Detroit North American International Auto Show, so that participants feel strongly that the world automobile industry is experiencing a rebirth? Major manufacturers have their own direction for future development identified as the main fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly. What is happening here this clearly tells us: the future fuel-saving and environmental protection technology who developed the application so walk in front, who can become the leader of executive development in the global automotive, and those who move slowly, strategic decision-making factory misconduct, regardless of How glorious in its history, may be abandoned. See more about environmentally friendly direction at http://www.durocherkia.com/blog/2012/march/26/most-efficient-and-environmentallyfriendly-automaker-kia.htm

Detroit Auto Show, American cars, “Waterloo” In recent years, Toyota, Hyundai, South Korea and European car manufacturers to gradually squeeze the U.S. Big Three auto makers (GM, Ford, Chrysler). Launch of the exhibition hall-the Big Three car also makes clear sense, the Big Three for 10 years ago, are two strategic decision-making errors, have been paid, and will continue to pay a terrible price: the year, General Motors should not mistake their own developed by the motor hybrid vehicle power technology, hand over sold to Toyota, so Toyota’s hybrid gasoline prices soaring in the North American market when the Steal the thunder; three major car companies also should not blindly adopt the “ostrich mentality”, knowing that long-term marked increase in gasoline prices, but tightly tightly hold their own competitive products, resulting in tens of thousands of vehicles, gas-guzzling cars is hard even slashed prices to attract the buyers. Today, three major car manufacturers have begun its major strategic mistakes and show a high profile launch of its own site Energy New models of environmental protection. However, the harsh reality is that, though they occupy a large area within the exhibition hall and show the repairer of their superb technology, but most exhibitors car is brilliant yesterday?? Large luxury gas-guzzling cars. In the hybrid, etc.

Fuel Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Direction

Energy Car seriously consumers, the U.S. auto market demand has plummeted nearly 50%, their faces capital chain rupture the occasion, General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, only this time make a determined effort in transition, can not but say it is too late . Detroit in January, ice and snow; car exhibition hall, in full swing, colorful; outside the background is the world’s automotive market is the Great Depression, the U.S. Big Three auto makers into financial difficulties, life and death are difficult . Faced with this complex situation, the Detroit show on and off the authorities, mostly worried about the end of 2009, the U.S. automobile industry “three pillars” of the pattern of GM and Ford are likely to rely on “two-pillar Praia” in the. The Chrysler Corporation, is almost impossible to avoid the bankruptcy or reorganization of the fate of purchase. Contrast, Toyota, Honda, Kia, Hyundai, over the years by its fuel-efficient, environmental protection, service and other advantages of the great expansion of the North American auto market, auto show models during the launch of the future, it is pre-empted the make thunder, to the continuous development of hybrid and other fuel-saving technology-led, not only in the depth of the North American automotive market in 2009, hold a position, and will certainly further expand after the share market recovery. Chinese car to enter the North American time being realistic Worth mentioning is the participation of two Chinese car companies? BYD and Brilliance, are also perceived to the future direction of the global automotive industry, to vigorously promote its hybrid advantage. However, the industry believes that, although the Brilliance of the car market in South Africa and other developing countries exports have led to rapid, but to enter the North American market in the foreseeable period of time is still non-reality of the wish. Motor Show, BYD’s press conference is impressive, starting with reporters on the high interest in BYD unexpected. None in North America sold a car BYD, journalists and industry insiders see is its impressive R & D and manufacture of car batteries. No denying that the two auto companies in China, whether to launch the car show or promotional strategies and techniques, with the United States and Europe there is a big gap between Japan and other counterparts, especially in car sales to squeeze into the highly competitive North American, to much more difficult than people imagine. The future development of the global automotive closely follow and research vice president of global vehicle forecasts Michael?

Robinett that leading Chinese auto companies, but actually to be taking advantage of General Motors, Toyota and other auto giants face the North American market downturn, such as the predicament, the focus on open development countries in the automotive market, and to savings of technology, management, funding, and even the size of the basis for all aspects of strength for the future into the world lay the foundation for high-end automotive market. If impractical to set the direction of recent developments in North America and other international auto giant white-hot art market competition, the failure is inevitable. Inside and outside the atmosphere from the show, and many professionals and politicians, a comment of view, the difficulties now facing the auto industry, forcing major companies put a lot of manpower and material resources for technological breakthroughs to the next round of enforcement become the leader of the automotive market development. To this end, the next two to three years will likely become the world’s automotive industry is an important transformation. During the fuel-saving, environmental protection, quality competition will be the motto of the major manufacturers, while the U.S. auto industry can hold its ground in its traditional strengths, such as hold by the Japanese counterparts have been squeezed off 50% market share, will be the world’s cars industry and other related industries a major focus of concern.

At the same time, research in the United States and Japan, a leading national automotive research and development sector, driven by the automotive industry can achieve world-saving and environmental landmark breakthrough in the automotive industry and consumers are more concerned about and looking forward to the historic development . In the Detroit auto show, the reporter clearly felt: As China’s auto manufacturing industry, can keep pace with the development of the times the car will determine the future destiny of the Chinese automobile industry.


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